“We wanted to let you know that we really appreciated being invited to the event by the gang from K&BA. We really enjoyed all of them and being there at that party. Those people do things RIGHT!! Love them. We are very much looking forward to being a part of such a diligent crowd.”

—Doug & Jayne Johnson, Tubs & More, Sunrise, FL

“K&B Alliance is just getting started, and I expect the horsepower behind us and the foundation that’s been laid will soon outpace competing groups. I switched from another group for several reasons.

  1. The K&B Alliance leadership is focused. I had been less than impressed by the new administrative service we were getting in the other group. I found them to be distracted, as I believe their other (non-associated) businesses required a split focus.
  2. The quality and size of the individual FEI Group companies is impressive. This gives us leverage to enter other markets, such as multifamily, commercial/tenant improvements and decorative plumbing. The background and access to the back rooms of much larger operations is a very big plus in my book.
  3. We have an opportunity to extend our lines. Our Design and Build Center has been expanding. We now offer a broader spectrum of products than the standard kitchen and bath shops. K&B Alliance is a division of FEI Group. Their buying power is nearly $2 billion. This rivals the box stores and makes for a great marketing tool. We even have access to all types of flooring!
  4. We are getting a lot more attention from our reps. Since we signed up, I have had a greater degree of attention from the sales reps – a seriously higher degree! In retrospect, I felt like there were times we were treated like the unwanted stepchild. Now, it feels like we’ve stepped into the big leagues.

I would encourage you to consider a switch. I believe you will find the energy, information, education and integrity of the leadership to be heads and shoulders above our previous experience.”

—Scott Amarant, Amarant Design and Build, Dublin, CA

“I saved over $15,000 annually on my insurance renewal by working with the K&B Alliance VP of Insurance, Brenda Prindiville.”

—Thompson Price, Thompson Price Kitchen, Baths & Home, St. Louis, MO